10+ Unique People Whose Looks Can Astonish You

I Have Waardenburg Syndrome, Which Made Me Deaf On One Ear, Makes My Hair White And Made My Eyes Different Colors


This guy has anisocoria — a symptom in which one pupil is functioning normally and the other one is always in a fixed position.


“Melanin goddess” Khoudia Diop — a model with the darkest skin in the world.

“My friend lost his leg, but not his sense of humor.”

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“I can see the internal bruising in my finger when I hold my hand up to a light.”

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“I was born with a scar on my eye.”

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“Dirt stuck to my normal skin but not my scars.”

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This girl lacks the thumb joints and creases.

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“My ring finger goes ghostly white when I’m cold. ”

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“My dad has 6 fingers on each hand. He uses his 2 middle fingers in a very original way.”

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“Vitiligo affecting one side of a man’s face.”

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“A kid from Nepal with Cat eye syndrome.”

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“I was born missing my right pinky finger.”

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“I have a condition called dermatographism, where I can ‘write’ on my skin and it appears as a rash.”

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“Don’t mind me, just charging.

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“My left eye is about 1/3 grey.”

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