12 Designers That Think About Every Single Detail

A door knob for those who are wearing gloves

© kozman7 / Reddit  

The tulips in this garden are arranged in the shape of tulips.

© b98765 / Reddit  

Each Steamfresh bag has the cook time on the microwave for what you are cooking.

© Blackened_007 / Reddit  

This manhole cover in Seattle is a map of the city.

© JGBorn / Reddit  

“My local community college has collapsible monitors that can automatically go down so you can have more desk space.”

© vapenewell / Reddit  

Knee-activated faucets at a supermarket, Italy

© 4t0m77 / Reddit  

Lockable skateboard parking

© eddieutah / Reddit  

The kid’s menu at Chick-fil-A is at kid’s eye level.

© Daxos157 / Reddit  

In Chinese airports and hotels you can rent a charging station.

© verenevg / Reddit  

The shower handle in this hotel room bathroom is on the other side so you can avoid getting wet when turning it on.

© Hakuna_Ratata / Reddit  

This door at a local day care has an abnormally high door handle to prevent the kids from opening it.

© CustomSauce / Reddit  

Coconuts in China are very convenient to drink from.

© medved1205 / Pikabu  

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