13 Rare Things Seen by Only One in a Million People

“Hundreds of thousands of starlings migrating across the region covered the skies of Rome.”

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These Snow rolls are formed by the wind.

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“I got an egg of an unusual shape.”

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A very rare golden tiger. It is believed that only 30 of them exist

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These fluffy balls are actually a mineral called okenite.

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Life is an Open Book, a sculpture by Brad Spencer in Downtown Charlotte, NC

© Brad Spencer  

“My friend’s dad grew this perfect ’lime-on.’”

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The Size of hailstones in Alabama

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A caterpillar train in Australia

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This is what an egg of a ramp looks like:

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This is how a rainbow is born

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“A flying fish landed on my boat last night. I took this quick pic then put it back in the water.”

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Overloaded truck spotted in India

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