14 Genius Inventions That Exist Only in Japan

Japan is well known for its inventions. Some of them are strange, others are great, while others are somewhere in between.

Compressed T-shirts


Turning train seats

A place to seat a baby in a public bathroom

Diagonal crossings

A tablet holder

© japantrendshop  

Individual coffee bags


A water-saving sink over the toilet supply tank

A napkin that covers your face when you eat burgers

Sunglasses for dogs

© Собака  

An umbrella “parking lot”

A “silent” karaoke microphone

© japantrendshop  

Automated stores

© Александр Беленький/livejournal  

Easy-to-open cans

© levik/livejournal  

A transforming tatami

© shinple  

It’s a tradition in Japan to do everything on the floor: eat, sleep, watch movies. That’s why they designed a rug that you can turn into a laptop stand and much more.

© shinple  

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