Photos Proving That Nature Doesn’t Care About What People Want

Nature seems to have a wonderful sense of humor that any comedian would be jealous of!

1. Hurricane Ophelia flooded a meadow with apples in Ireland

© KRua/Pikabu

2. “I came to work, and the door was protected with snow. It’s my off day”

© Zega/Pikabu  

3. Waterfall or ice fall? Anyway it is frozen

© Palpat1ne/Pikabu  

4. The Algerian desert: sand was covered with snow and looks like tiramisu.

© Ground55/Pikabu  

5. Maybe a 3D model of Snow

© Xingua92/Reddit  

6. Xavier, a very precise storm

© Enfantterrrible/Pikabu

7. The snow didn’t fall on everyone equally, just a strip in Ohio.

© Elementalillness/Reddit

8. What do you do when your life insurance doesn’t cover natural calamities?

© Palpat1ne/Pikabu  

9. This is what a rainbow can look like.

© zacharyem/Reddit

10. Seems like a little rain in Ireland.

© epicmoe/Reddit

11. Somebody “whipped” the clouds.

© Hellholder/Reddit

12. Hurricane Matthew decided to change the landscape design a little.

© thisisnotmyfault/Imgur  

13. Unfortunately, trees can’t read.

© holykash/Pikabu

14. Looks like rain turned this yard into a van Gogh painting

© ericb303/Reddit  

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