15 Animals That Surprise People With Their Inconceivable Size

Is this a direwolf?

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Giant squid in New Zealand. (Not Alive)

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Leonberger German dogs are really huge and fluffy

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These giant coconut crabs feast from, guess what, coconuts!

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Hello World

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Big Jake is a big horse. He’s Big Jake because he’s the tallest horse alive today!

© oligarchyoligarchy / reddit

It’s a very smol bunny. That white patch means it’s unweaned, yet.

© donuht / reddit

Is that you Mort? This is an adorable bush baby.

© miru.o.miru / Instagram

Can someone tell him he’s not a lap dog. This Great Dane is having the time of his life.

© JChilly12 / reddit

This stray 28 lb cat got adopted by a lady who owns a pet store.

© my2wins / reddit

This is a blue Hyacinth Macaw which is also world’s largest parrot. And it’s being so soft and gentle to a kid!

© DrHexagon_ / reddit

How does one calm down when such a cute baby goat is sleeping in their hands is unfathomable.

© dolan146 / reddit

She is the darkness, the destroyer of the world! Look at those menacing claws!

© downriverrowing / reddit

This really tiny crab is a baby ghost crab!

© 9w_lf9 / reddit

A sugar glider with tail longer than its own body!

© zirakoglu / reddit

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