15 Astounding Things That Prove Japan Way Ahead of the World

There Are Baby Seats Attached To The Wall In Most Bathrooms


Drivers are to take care of their passengers

This Is How Smooth The Bullet Train Is In Japan


Cars in places like Tokyo are parked vertically to save space.

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There are yellow street lines for the visually impaired citizens.


This bridge which seems to defy gravity is a real bridge in Japan. It looks a lot like a roller coaster, going up in the sky or coming down a steep slope.


I Dropped My Shopping Bag On The Streets Of Osaka And When I Went Back To Look For It Later That Day, Someone Had Placed It Next To A Tree Untouched


In Japan, there’s such a thing as underground bicycle parking.

ECO Cycle (3)

The Japanese have come up with yet another futuristic-shaped fruit, the pentagon orange.

Square watermelons are a common thing in Japan

Square Watermelon!

Japan’s Manhole Covers Are Beautiful


Koi Fishes Even Live In Drainage Channels In Japan

Carts that help you carry heavy things over stairs

Another Reason Why I Love Japan


Nissan makes self-parking house slippers!

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