15 Coincidences That Are Hard To Believe Actually Happened

#1 Us Nurse Discovered That Her Colleague Doctor Was Premature Baby She Cared For 28 Years Ago

Image source: abdilatifysh

#2 My Dog, Flirt (Left) Found Her Doppelgänger!

Image source: minty_farts

#3 My Cousin Was In His Future Wife’s Family Picture (The Guy On The Left), On A Trip To Rio De Janeiro. 7 Years Before They Met

Image source: pcsbor

#4 Married Couple In China Discover They Appeared In Same Photograph As Teenagers

Image source: reddit.com

#5 The founder of the Ferrari company, Enzo Ferrari, died on August 14, 1988. Just two months later, on October 15, Arsenal footballer Mesut Özil was born.


#6 My Brother Just Travelled Half Way Round The World And We’re Wearing The Same Freaking Clothes

Image source: youFlog

#7 This Is How The Newspapers Were Stacked Up At My Job

Image source: Pupperz77

#8 My Uber Driver Was A Slimmer, Cooler, Mustached Version Of Myself

Image source: fuzzysalad

#9 Pigeon Pooped A Portrait Of Itself On A Leaf

Image source: Koda_Has_A_Top_Hat

#10 I Got Married Last Month. My Wife And I Thought We Met For The First Time In Our Twenties. We Found Out A Few Years Later Our Mothers Were Best Friends In High School. This Photo Was Displayed At Our Wedding Showing Our Actual First Time Meeting

Image source: Drunkdrood

#11 They Then Went Their Seperate Ways

Image source: Friendorphobia

#12 Found The Cliff This Clif Bar Came From

Image source: AnGabhaDubh

#13 My Friend Met A Stranger At A Wedding That Looked Just Like Him And Was Wearing The Same Thing

Image source: drebler

#14 My Friend Opened Two Fortune Cookies In A Row

Image source: mac_de_marco

#15 My Dad’s Index Tip Was Cut Off When He Was 10, My Index Is Shorter Than My Pinky

Image source: poopjetpack

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