15 Genius Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles That Can Save the World and Your Day

Add some extra “pockets” to your car

© Cleverly / YouTube  

Recycled bottle pinwheels

Seal Plastic Bags with Old Bottle Caps.

© m4tth3w / Imgur  

Don’t have a funnel? Use a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off.

© WhippetDancer / Reddit  

Need a simple dispensing solution for waste bags? Cut a water bottle in half, mount with command strips

© zoolak / Reddit  

“Use an empty plastic bottle to separate egg yolks. Just squeeze the bottle, place the opening on the yolk, and let suction do the work!”

© MahatmaGuru / Reddit  

“DIY a sponge holder for the sink with only a bottle, scissors, and staples.”

© Itilvte / Reddit  

When kids want to put their ice cream cone down, hold it up in a bottle.

A No-Sew Zipper Case

Make It & Love It

Your very own air conditioner!

© fenrisilver / Reddit  

A Lotion Bottle Phone Charger

Use a bottle as an easy mudguard.

Use plastic bottles as flower pots.

A Bird Feeder

A watering can for your garden!

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