15 Hilarious Pics Of Kids Before & After Their First Day Of School

h/t: BoredPanda

First Day Back At School Took Its Toll On This Little Girl

Kebab connoisseur

Before And After The First Day Of School. The Future Suddenly Looks Bleak.


Before And After The First Day Of School


First Day Of School Vs Second Day Of School


Our Daughter Is Not Ok With Going Back To School


There’s Two Types Of Kids On The First Day Of School


First Day Of School

Guinevere Sta Ana

First And Second Day At School

First Submission. My Niece Had A Hard Day At School


Before And After First Day Of School

My Son’s First Day Of Preschool

Carole Garcia

My 7-year-old Was Not Interested In Going To School Today.


Well School Was Clearly A Huge Success.

Shawn Irish

First Day Of School Is Rough.

Justine Di Fede

Kindergarten Comes In With A Tko

Haley Dottley

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