15 Impressive Photos Showing That Time Reigns Over Everything

Well-worn piano keys

NotWhatYouPlanted / reddit

A father with his beloved girls 10 years ago and now.

likeallstuff / reddit

“63 years later and my grandma can still fit into her wedding gown!”

geisslereliz / reddit  

Hands across the generations

Import / reddit

Recreated their wedding photo after 70 years.

AspergerMD / reddit 

17 Years Together

isaiah44nez / reddit

Same bike, same place, same love…

LazyFlamingRooster / reddit

Ten and Fifteen years later

Gordondel / reddit

The same location, several decades later…

cooldrummer1208 / reddit

“My son at one-month-old with his 97-year-old great-grandmother”

Thermochopps / reddit

“My Uber driver’s consistent arm placement has worn through the top of the center console.”

joshmart / reddit  

A candle stick that’s been used for a really long time

compositionmaven / reddit 

This entire brick wall has been reshaped by the sea.

Love_Land90 / reddit

This exterior corner next to the front door of the local bike shop shows significant wear from the last 30 years of customers striking it with their pedals.

limetime / imgur

Here’s 6 month’s worth of buildup in a pipe used for a mineral pool spa.

GhostalMedia / reddit 

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