15 People Who Know What It Means to Be Unlucky Better Than Anyone

A great start to the day

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A fast, but not the most pleasant, way to cut your beard

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This is just as bad as dropping your spoon into your soup.

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“I was taking my driving exam.”

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“My hotel room comes with this view.”

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“Guess I’m not getting my mail today.”

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Are you kidding me?

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“Forgot to remove the crock pot from the top of my toaster oven after I made dinner last night.”

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“A feather pillow exploded in my washing machine.”

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My onion has two-layers of skin.

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“My sister’s RN balloons flew away right before her grad party started.”

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Pass me the other bottle, please.

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Does anyone understand how this happened?

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“I just wanted some cheese…”

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“Worst day ever!”

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This would ruin anyone’s mood.

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