15 Photographs That Don’t Need Photoshop to Impress You

An earthquake in Taiwan

© visionarygirl/reddit

Ice suspended off trees after winter flooding

© moonshineandromance / imgur  

This tree was struck by lightning 3 hours ago

© zuki500 / reddit

A space shuttle leaving Earth’s atmosphere

© KurtClark / flickr  

Crazy Mammatus clouds over Kansas, USA

© HappyEarth/imgur  

A sunken ship in Antarctica

© Unknown / imgur  

This storm front turned the sky green.

© jasonbio/reddit  

I took pictures of fireworks and ended up with a “nebula.”

© SpicyEpiduralPorkpie/reddit

“I was mowing my lawn and found this pink grasshopper.”

© MC4204/reddit

“I spotted an albino deer in northwestern Wisconsin yesterday.”

© whitedeerwoods/reddit  

This viaduct in South England, UK

© naypenrai/imgur

An abandoned apartment building being claimed by the sea in the former fishing village of Kirovsky, Russia

© Meunderwear/reddit  

Sunlight reflection on a casino building in Melbourne, Australia

© Gordigok/pikabu

An amazing chimera cat

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