15 Photos That Prove Nature Always Finds A Way To Take Back What’s Hers

An abandoned building is being claimed by the sea in the former fishing village of Kirovsky, Russia.

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After all our wars, nature still wins…

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“An abandoned hard hat reclaimed by goose barnacles”

“’Don’t play with me,’ a.k.a. an abandoned piano becomes a part of the scenery in Uzupis in Vilnius.”

This railway viaduct has almost vanished under the greenery invasion.

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The “Stop” sign didn’t stop the tree.

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Nature has definitely won this battle.

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SS City of Adelaide

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Trees grow inside the hull of a sunken ship

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“I found an abandoned forest on an abandoned roof in an abandoned villa in Italy.”

That tree has been there for way longer than two hours.

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This abandoned boat in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Abandoned Stone Cottage. Sneem/Kenmare, Ireland.

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 Nature can take over any barriers.

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