14 Photos That Show How Significantly Things Can Change in Just 20 Years

It’s impossible to believe that 20 years ago, nobody knew what Google or Netflix was and could not keep a one-minute video on a USB stick. But time has passed and since then we have completely changed the rules.

The Google office in 1999 at the beginning vs now

© Google / twitter  © Noah_Loverbear / Wikimedia  

This is what a 20-year-old cell phone evolution looks like:

© ShArtTeacher / reddit  

20 years is enough time to completely change a city’s skyline…

© Poison21705 / reddit  

The skyline of Shanghai

© Juha Loukola/Moment Open/Getty Images  © Eugene Lim / flickr  

“My parents eloped 20 years ago and recreated their wedding photos to celebrate their anniversary.”

© ghinding / Twitter

“My friends and I in 1999 and 2019”

© estar / Pikabu

Our movie collections don’t need that much room anymore.

© chip_break / reddit  

“My family just recreated our photo in front of the NYC skyline from 1999!”

© tinkerlane / Reddit

It took video games just 20 years to reach a completely new level we couldn’t even fathom before.

© ladyphase / reddit  © Ready Player One / Warner Bros.  

Just recently, a cell phone with a 0.3-megapixel camera was a luxury — but now, everyone can take high-quality pictures.

© XxBARNEY1xX / reddit

The amount of data we now use rose thousands of times. You’d need 11,111 discs to cover a regular 16 GB USB flash drive.

© maggiorecos / instagram  © Wikipedia.org  

“My mom’s phone from 1998 vs my phone from 2018”

© jakecc_ 1 / Reddit

Unfortunately, 20 years is also more than enough time for something to disappear.

© NASA  

Technology developed so much that scientists managed to take a high-quality photo of Pluto.


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