15 Stirring Photos From The Past

We can not reverse time and change things that have happened. But the old photos help us to see the past.

A typical medical examination on a spaceship, 1973

© Bettmann / Bettmann / Getty Images  

A young French woman’s hair is being cut off as a punishment for a connection with the occupation forces, 1944

© Everett Collection / East News  

Live chess in Saint Petersburg, 1924

© Wikimedia Commons  

Stella Liebeck, a woman who got a crazy amount of money in damages from McDonald’s because she spilled hot coffee on her lap, 1995

© Associated Press / Joe Marquette / East News  

Arches in Japan that survived a bombing in 1945 and an earthquake in 2011

© Reuters   © U.S. Navy / Wikimedia Commons  

One of the first light bulbs, 1900

© William M. Vander Weyde / flickr  

Banned women bowling, 1900

© William M. Vander Weyde / flickr  

In 1895, the American Bowling Congress issued the rules which stipulated that women could not bowl equally with men.

The first bananas in Norway, 1905


Passengers being transported over ice to shore in June, 1920

© Rydeen, Almer / flickr  

Unemployed men are in line to get a free meal at Al Capone’s cafe, 1931

© AKG Images / EAST NEWS  

A cow is being painted with white stripes to make it more visible during blackouts in Great Britain, 1941

© neitshade5.wordpress.com  

Dorothy Counts, the first black student who went to a school for white people, 1957


Princess Anne visiting her bodyguard Jim Beaton in the hospital, 1974


Princess Diana visited the Taj Mahal alone, 1992

Embed from Getty Images

Young evacuees of Hurricane Katrina, US, 2005

Embed from Getty Images

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