15 Then And Now Photos That Show Time Flies

“My parents eloped 25 years ago and recreated their wedding photos to celebrate their anniversary.”

© ghinding / Twitter

“1988–2018. The box didn’t change much but my father’s hair has gone silver.”

© oklahomazhopamir / Pikabu

“Who told her to get this big?”

© roddy_4 / Twitter

“My great-grandmother and me in the same spot 89 years apart!”23) “My great-grandmother and me in the same spot 89 years apart!”

© AffectionateName / Reddit

He turned into a giant in just a couple of years.

© Rades / Pikabu

“My family just recreated our photo in front of the NYC skyline from 1999!”

© tinkerlane / Reddit

“My parents have been married for 48 years today”

© bryanfantana74 / Reddit

“She grew up on the SNES”

© ShinigamiKiba / Reddit

And the time difference is just 4 months!

© ArtDECOtm / Pikabu

“He’s impersonating his 19-year-old self in Vietnam in 1966.”

© Lawson33 / Reddit

“My friends and I in 1999 and 2016”

© estar / Pikabu

What a transformation!

© Ugin242 / Pikabu

“My dad reenacting a picture from 1963, in front of his childhood home in Ireland”

© tkama / Reddit

“We met in Sunday school, became high school sweethearts, and now after 13 years together we’re expecting our first child.”

© WayneHonaker / Reddit

“These brothers returned to Pripyat and found their car to recreate their old photo.”

© vvg1091 / Pikabu

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