15 Times Life Confounded People When They Least Expected It

Poor guy just wanted to enjoy the game

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This college

© trevonator126 / Reddit

Everything has its limits

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The freshest of frozen baked goods

© Cormie / Reddit

I mean, what are the odds…

© girolski07 / Reddit

To be fair, what better material is there to keep the scissors inside?

© gasstationfitted / Reddit

This is why you should hide a spare key

© VinnySmallsz / Reddit

About to start a 7-hour plane ride. Someone broke their headphones in my armrest

© wildrose4everrr / Reddit

At this point, you’re just throwing money at it

© NorwaySpruce / Reddit

“I almost had a heart attack this morning…”

© monalistic / Imgur

“I stumbled across this in canada. Oh, the irony!”

© rechnen / Reddit

The common doorbell…the mechanic’s one weakness!

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Left the sunroof open

© Unknown / Reddit

This puppy is leaving its schooling days behind

© BeckerKM21 / Reddit

You always hear about people eating wax fruit by accident but never think it could be you

© nahilden / Reddit

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