15 Times We Were Grateful to Designers

This bin that lets you vote for things with cigarette butts in Edinburgh.

© Seth_Leaveon / reddit  

In Seoul, the gas pumps hang from the roof so that you don’t need to worry about which side you should park your car on.

This ATM lets you to pick what kind of bills you want

© the_next_cheesus / reddit

This elevator has buttons you can press with your feet if your hands are full

© Gabe6238 / imgur

This Credit Card tip jar

© McBloggenstein / reddit

This toilet paper has a smaller roll inside that you can take on the go.

© BrndyAlxndr / reddit

This fridge has a mini filtered water pitcher built in

© DwightCharlieQuint / reddit

A store that has a winter simulator for testing out winter clothing

© j1ggy / reddit

The cowboy hat that doubles as a hard hat

A dressing room that lets you choose the type of lighting

© ellesapple / reddit  

A bar with lockers where you can store your phone while it charges

© jellyfish007 / reddit  

 An Asian potato chip container that has a tab to lift the chips up

© bakaken / reddit  

Bottled water shaped like a dumbbell

© leaderwho/ reddit  

Swim fins for human beings

© amazon.com

This cross walk signal button has signage for Blind people showing exactly how many lanes they have to cross and direction of traffic.

© beaned1 / Reddit

A bench that looks like a book

© diogosavoldi / Reddit

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