15 Wonderful Photos We Wish We’d Seen in School Textbooks

The Great Pyramid Of Giza Compared To A Human


The inside of a spacesuit

© Zaychig / Pikabu  

This is what a snowflake looks like under a microscope.

© NosokFilosof / Pikabu  

This is what a beaver is capable of:

© Vakutagin / Pikabu  

“An image of the GPS tracking of multiple wolves in 6 different packs around Voyageurs National Park shows how carefully the wolf packs avoid each other’s territory.”

© john3806 / Reddit  

The reaction between Aluminum and mercury

© NileRed / YouTube  

Frog after eating a firefly:

© aBabblingBook / Reddit  

“A salt crystal I found at Salar de Uyuni”

© IIIJuanDreamIII / Reddit  

Fully Inflated Horse Lungs


Elysia chlorotica, the animal that uses photosynthesis like plants.


“A man blew a small hole in his throat by holding his nose & closing his mouth while sneezing. He was in the hospital for 2 weeks.”

© Yang W / BMJ Case Report © DonutDitz / Reddit

This is what a polar bear’s fur looks like: empty inside and full of air.

© kitiket05 / Pikabu  

“Calcium buildup in a water pipe we had to replace”

© sepehr_brk / Reddit  

Inside the sword of The Motherland Calls

© Voron5266 / Pikabu  

“The Mercator projection vs The true size of each country”

© Sainify / Reddit  

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