16 Amazing Design Ideas That Can’t Go Unnoticed

The logo for this pet transport company has 5 different animals in it

tshaff138 / reddit 

This menu in an Italian restaurant is shaped like a circle showing you what the type of pizza would look like.

polynilium / reddit  

This restaurant sign

andreaCava / reddit  

A Toaster Phone Charger


The bottom of this bottle is meant to hold the cap.

ImaginingDragon / reddit  

This bench

bushall / reddit  

One sign, to find them all

BADASSartoo / imgur 

Mosaic is an often forgotten form of art, but still capable to brilliantly meet the eye

Mass1m01973 / reddit  

The way this hotel room number is displayed

toralobo / reddit 

Invention of the century

 Oreganj/ reddit  

Innovative and functional menu display in bakery

 unknown author / imgur 

This packaging for a digital Polaroid camera

AedynRaven / reddit

These measuring spoons for a drop, smidgen, pinch, dash, and tad

polkadotpizza / reddit 

The back cover for the book Dune by Frank Herbert


These kids toilets in a London museum whose sinks slope to cater for progressively shorter children.

 cuttyranking / reddit  

Couldn’t find the restaurant at first…

Ratedrawr / reddit  

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