16 Awkward Situations Proving That The World Wasn’t Made for Tall People

“There’ll be magnificent views, they said.”

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“Welcome to everyday of my life everywhere.”

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Toy Plane With A Real Man Inside

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A lot of you wondered in my last post how I fit in that plane. Well, here it is 😁. I can only sit in a plane like this if there is no seat in front of me, normal seats are 100% impossible or I will block the walking path. Luckily, the stewards always see me coming from far away and are very helpful. During trips like this I always have my @musclemeatnl beef jerky with me. For 20 days in the Philippines, I took 40 bags with me so I would have two packages a day. Swipe left for the beautiful view I had during the flight over the Philippine Islands! #thedutchgiant #philippines #philippinestravel #philippineislands #thephilippines #philippinesgram #musclemeatnl #musclemeat #fitnessmotivation #fitnessinspiration #fitnessjourney #fitnessfreak #fitnessblogger #fitnesslover #fitnessgoals #fitnessbody

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Tall People’s Problems #5183

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“And then the bus comes to an abrupt and sudden stop.”

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“My tall friend’s solution to using an elliptical.”

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Tall people don’t just suffer on planes.

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I get honked at often because it is impossible to see traffic lights.”

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A friend of mine at a recent checkup

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“I’m 6’7″ and went to visit my short in-laws today.”

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At least you know there is no dust up there.

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This hurts to look at.

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“Welcome to the world of never sitting properly in a car.”

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“Hi there, spider!”

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“I ordered this shirt online… And it was a normal length on the model. It is a good thing that crop tops are in style now.”

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I guess 6’4” is about a foot too tall to use my bathroom mirror ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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