16 People Who Can Find A Brilliant Solution To Any Problem

We’ve all found ourselves in difficult situations at least once in our lives. Some people get very stressed while others offer strange but effective solutions.

“This vending machine in my local library sells office supplies.”

© 3DTbrandonl / Reddit  

“My school combats littering by installing basketball hoops above trash cans.”

© Oltarus / Reddit  

This is new technology — a latch microwave.

© General777 / pikabu

This invention is yet to get an official name.

© iProcione / pikabu  

Double anti-theft system

© Boris / 4fun.one

“Roommate punched a hole in his door. I fixed it.”

© morrisontheway / Reddit  

For special guests only

© Ravenclawlady / Imgur  

-“The computer goes to sleep after 5 minutes”
-“Not on my watch”

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The best way to eat Pringles:

© revivaIOW/imgur  

The thing is, it works.

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When you’re a true engineer:

© Luxaleksium / pikabu  

He’ll never get lost.

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Staying in a hotel? Attach your car keys to your phone charger so you can’t forget it.

© crujones43 / reddit

Almost an SUV

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When you have delivery budget for one time only:

Anti-theft system

© Schastje / pikabu  

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