18 Photos Showing All the Pain and Joy of Winter

“Lunch in Chicago today — I like mine al dente.”


This toilet froze and busted


“A frozen geyser in western NY”

© lthomas122 / Reddit  

Laziness Level

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“A balloon popped and left its ice shell during the winter storm, Nika.”

© the2belo / Reddit  

“There was a penny somehow frozen in to the icicle outside my house.”

© briel44 / Reddit  

“The frozen shore of Lake Superior”

© dirtyflowers / Imgur  

“In Colorado, snow during the month of May can lead to some weird things.”

© Littlegriznaves / Reddit  

Winter Art

© dankestofwads / Imgur  

Canadian Winter

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We will rebuild..

© AcousticDiabetesss / Imgur  

When you want to enjoy your ice cream but the weather won’t let you.

© Raiinford / Imgur  

Eastern Canadian Winter

© iTakeBaths / Imgur  

This is the path he made this morning after he realized how cold and snowy it was.

© Unknown / Imgur  

Meanwhile in Ontario, Canada

© livinfamous / Imgur  

Winter selfie done right.

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Siberia experiencing -70F (-62C)

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Want some?

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