18 Powerful Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

As this old lady goes at the supermarket and reads books there regularly, the manager put a little bench for her there.

© abaderose108 / Imgur

In his subway ride, he played the violin for a baby that was crying.

© attacked_by_a_turkey / Reddit

A beauty salon refused to do the nails to this lady who has cerebral palsy because she “moves a lot”. Then a cashier bought a bottle of nail polish and did the lady’s nails during her break.

© Tasia Smith / Facebook

A Kenyan lady saw her childhood friend on the streets, suffering from drug addiction. She decided to take him to rehabilitation.

© K2Ocean / Reddit

This professional actor and musician, William Boyajian, plays the guitar in subway stations to help people in need

© tellmemorejose / Reddit

This plate doesn’t check out.

© Two_Inches_Of_Fun / Reddit

People waiting in line to adopt dogs and cats when an animal shelter flooded in Austin.

© TyneeLips / Reddit

“I told my daughter I was a bit short in money this week. I woke up from my nap to see this note.”

© Unknown / Reddit

Children in Canada tied their coats to the street pols to help people in need get through winter. Tags say: “I am not lost! If you are stuck out in the cold, please take me to keep warm!”

© Halifolks / Facebook

This baseball fan holding the umbrella for a JROTC member on Memorial Day.

© Braves / Twitter

Lesvos, a coffee shop in Greece, opens its doors in winter for the stray dogs not to freeze during the cold nights.

© Eustratios Papanis / Facebook

This free flower stand during Valentine’s Day.

© Unknown / Imgur

“My 92 year old grandfather writing a birthday card for my 93 year old grandmother.”

© weaksquare / Imgur

With his first paycheck, this man took 15 poor kids to McDonald’s.

© quora.com

Special swings designed in this playground for kids in wheelchairs

© rahulm35 / Imgur

This adorable photo was taken on a New York City subway on Independence Day

© Go_Habs_Go31 / Reddit

He missed his train because he was helping this old lady carry her bags.

© apathist / Imgur

What brothers are for!

© SeptixG / Reddit

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