20 People Who Found Genius Solutions To Everyday Problems

The Hack of all Hacks

Recycle this into a million dollars!

Rear-view security

How to eat a McDonald’s on the go

Lego used as a cable holder

If it’s stupid and it works, it ain’t stupid

My girlfriend devised a way to keep the plastic shopping bags we re-use as bin liners in place by using removable picture hooks.

A simple secret to keep your groceries from tumbling around in your trunk

Student Hack

Introducing the DIY smoker

“My 9-year-old cousin’s invention — I think he did well.”

Cooking level: college student

Good as new

“Our couch at the firehouse broke. We fixed it.”

“My dad’s solution when his iron stopped working”

Problem = solve

Fan got a year ban from the stadium so he decided to rent a crane to watch the game

Peace Now

“This is how I keep track of my turtle when he adventures around my apartment.”

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