27 Bedroom Pictures of People Across the World Showing Their Lives

More info: John Thackwray | Image Credits: John Thackwray

Manyatta, Kenya, Ezekiel, 22-Year-Old Warrior

La Paz, Bolivia, Marcello, 18-Year-Old High School Student

Tehran, Iran, Elahe, 29-Year-Old Painter

Kathmandu, Nepal, Pema, 22-Year-Old Buddhism Student

Zhambyl, Kazakhstan, Zhalay, 18-Year-Old High School Student

Paris, France, Joseph, 30-Year-Old Artist

Kingston, Jamaica, Camille

Istanbul, Turkey, Gulle

Bucharest, Romania, Andreea, 24-Year-Old Civil Engineer

Tokyo, Japan, Ryoko, 25-Year-Old Information Technology Engineer

Berlin, Germany, Maja, 22-Year-Old Architecture Student

Beirut, Lebanon, Sabrina, 27-Year-Old Kindergarten Teacher

Saint Catherine, Egypt, Mohamed, 18-Year-Old Student Of Traditional Medicine

Dali, China, Yuan, 22-Year-Old Salesperson

Teheran, Iran, Razieh

Paris, France, Derek, 30-Year-Old Movie Director

Lesotho, Osia, 18-Year-Old Shepherd

Novosibirsk, Russia, Oleg, 24-Year-Old Telecom Engineer

Sibundoy, Colombia, Marixa, 21-Year-Old Teacher

Cairo, Egypt, Azza, 19-Year-Old Homemaker

Thies, Senegal, Fatou, 17-Year-Old Seamstress

Varanasi, India, Lalu,

Ban Sai Ngam, Thailand, Fha

Madyah Pradesh, India, Asha, 17-Year-Old Homemaker

Nairobi, Kenya, Alice, 29-Year-Old Mother

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Saleh, 30-Year-Old Human Resources Officer

New York, USA, Maleeq, 28-Year-Old Entertainer

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