15 People Who Proved That Laziness Is the Mother of Creativity

Proudest moment of my life was photoshopping my tire being flat to get out of work, I really finessed

 Papa Boardslide ‏ / Twitter

When you are too lazy to hold your phone

mralix/ reddit 

When You’re Extremely Lazy But Smart As Well

Zezeka / imgur  

On dad duty, but I really had to use the toilet

Rpark888 / reddit

Quick DIY for windshield wiper

Turtlefish87 / imgur 

Don’t Tell Our Boss

feelosophiya / reddit

My friend just took lazy to a new level

unknown / imgur  

The Night You Eat Curry

TheRabbitHole-512 / reddit  

Once Upon A Time A Lazy Gamer

 jaf21/ reddit

This Guy Is Living In 3018

yuorid / reddit 

Home Depot parking lot

mikeygribbin / reddit

No duct tape, zip ties will do.

Ostrantula / reddit 

Laziness over 9000 – FaceTimed my oven so pizza won’t get burned

ProAndMad / imgur

I may have crossed the line between “lifehack” and “lazy”…

ToeFungus / reddit

Laziness Level=Godmode

FirePenguinDiscoPandas / imgur  

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