9 Objects From The Past That Were Made To Last A Lifetime

Many of us are fascinated by vintage items, and it makes them twice as delightful when they are still fully functional.

“My mom’s 82-year-old, still sharp, child-safe scissors”

“I found this old light bulb in my grandparents’ house, which was built in 1902, and it still works.”

My grandparents’ vintage Kirby vacuum cleaner in pristine condition”

“It was made in the 1940s and belonged to my great-great-grandma — still in use today!”

“A waffle iron bought used at a garage sale in 1958 for 25 cents — and it still works!”

“This pocket watch from 1892 — it keeps decent time considering its age.”

“A 1920s tuxedo that I have”

“I just got my great grandmother’s glasses fixed up and fitted with my own prescription! Not sure how old they are, but they’re probably from the 1960s. Thrilled to be able to keep her style in the family.”

“My old 1940s traveling alarm clock — it still rings pretty loud too.”

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