9 Pieces of Advice That Can Save Your Life In A Critical Situation

Humans are the most intelligent species on Earth. Unlike other animals, we are able to solve problems and find ways to progress in life. However, we are also subject to errors. As technology develops rapidly, bad seeds use every aspect to trap innocent humans.

As we wake up every day and live our lives thinking that bad things happen only in movies and in the news, this is not always true. Things can go south for anyone, anytime.

Here are some helpful tips for different life situations that can actually be very helpful.

1. If you’re stuck in an elevator with someone who means to harm you, then press the buttons for every floor.


2. Never put your hands in your pockets when you go up or down stairs so you can easily catch the handrail if you slip.


3. You can predict the weather with a cup of coffee

4. Always keep some well-hidden money on you for emergencies.

5. Indirect Heart Massage

It is mandatory to perform an indirect cardiac massage if the affected person does not respond or if there is no sign of a pulse. In this situation, call an ambulance first and to keep the person alive perform indirect heart massage and artificial respiration. This will help provide the necessary oxygen.

Without bending your elbows, place both of your palms crosswise on the lower third part of the chest of the affected person. Start pushing your palms against the chest, one push per second.

6. In case your doors won’t open and you have no tools to break open the window, use the seat’s headrest to break the window.

Image: State Farm

7. In case of a grease fire, use baking soda or salt.

In case of a grease fire, turn off the stove and cover the flames with a metal cover. If the fire is small and manageable, pour baking soda or salt on the affected area to extinguish it. However, do not try to extinguish the flames with water, it will only aggravate the fire.

8. If the taxi driver is acting strangely

Image: Dan Gold

Before getting into a taxi, write down his number. If the taxi driver seems to be acting strangely, call someone you know or just pretend to make a call.

9. Always have a Panic Button app installed on your phone.

Image: Apple

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