Dude Protests Annoying Everyday Things With Funny Signs (16 Pics)

This New Yorker manages the Instagram account “Guy with sign” where he uploads photos of himself protesting against the strangest, and most random things. And the best thing is that we can relate to most of what he wrote on his signs.

More info: Instagram | Twitter

Put more chips in the bag

Stop Sending Me Memes from Private Accounts

Stop Standing Up When The Plane Lands

Yes, Grandma, I’m still Single

Halloween and Thanksgiving Come First

No More Steaming Services Please

Nobody Cares About Your Spotify

Stop Posting Entire Concerts on your story

Names are not that hard to spell

Stop Using Group Pics for your Dating Profile

Stop Replying-All To Company Wide Emails

Why Does It Feel Like Mercury Is Always In Retrograde?

Yes Netflix, I am still Watching

There should be snow days for work

Charging $15 for a bowl of lettuce should be illegal

Daylight Saving Makes No (f—-g) Sense

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