Here Are 14 Photos Showing Dog Breeds Today Vs. 100 Years Ago

Dogs have been our companions for thousands of years, but they didn’t always look the way they do today. Many well-known dog breeds have changed a lot physically over the last century, thanks to humans.

The Science of Dogs blog has put together a side-by-side comparison of several popular dog breeds from Walter Esplin Mason’s 1915 book Dogs of All Nations showing what they look like today.

Here are some of the dogs from that list:

Bull terrier then

Dogs of All Nations

In 1915, it appears to have been a fit, good-looking dog, with a well-proportioned head and slim torso. Dogs of All Nations called it “the embodiment of agility, grace, elegance and determination”, and the “gladiator of the canine race”.

But today, bull terriers are bred to have a football-shaped head and thick, squat body – a far cry from the lean and handsome dog of 1915.

Bull terrier now


English bulldog then

Dogs of All Nations

English bulldog now

German shepherd then

Dogs of All Nations

German shepherd now

Luis Del Rosario

Airedale terrier then

Dogs of All Nations

Airedale terrier now

Shetland sheepdog then

Dogs of All Nations

Shetland sheepdog now


Basset Hound then

Basset Hound now

Boxer then

Boxer now

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