Here Are The Winners Of The 2020 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year (15 Pics)

The winners of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 56 competition have just been announced, and the pictures are as stunning as always.

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“The Embrace” By Sergey Gorshkov

“Night Hunter” By Jonas Classon

“Kids’ Game” By Yossi Eshbol

“Peeking Possums” By Gary Meredith

“Out Of The Blue” By Gabriel Eisenband

“The Lucky Ones” By Steve Winter

“The Fox That Got The Goose” By Liina Heikkinen

“The Perfect Catch” By Hannah Vijayan

“The Pose” By Mogens Trolle

“The Village Cat” By Masood Hussain

“Snake Versus Eagle” By Sambath Subbaiah

“Keep Looking” By Greg Du Toit

“The Current Of Life” By Laurent Ballesta

“Eye Of The Drought” By Jose Fragozo

“When Mother Says Run” By Shanyuan Li

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