How 15 World Famous Buildings And Statues Looked During Their Construction

Golden Gate Bridge In San Francisco, California


Eiffel Tower In Paris, France


Statue Of Liberty In New York City, U.S.


Lincoln Memorial In Washington, D.C., U.S.

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Sydney Opera House In Sydney, Australia

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Empire State Building In New York City, U.s.

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Channel Tunnel Beneath The English Channel At The Strait Of Dover


Hoover Dam Of The Colorado River, On The Border Between The U.s. States Of Nevada And Arizona

Bureau of Reclamation

Manhattan Bridge In New York City, U.S.

Irving Underhill

World Trade Center In New York City, U.S.

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Tower Bridge In London, The United Kingdom


New Shelter For Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant In Chernobyl, Ukraine

Tim Porter

Ryugyong Hotel In Pyongyang, North Korea

Kok Leng Yeo

Burj Khalifa In Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Imre Solt

Gateway Arch In St. Louis, Missouri, U.s.

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