Photos Taken From The Inside Of Musical Instruments Are Simply Mesmerizing

The Romanian artist Adrian Borda decided to test a new frontier in the field of photography and the results are more than surprising. As an artistic experiment, he sought to capture the inside of any musical instrument and we must admit it, the view from the inside is breathtaking.

“Most of the violins in our country are made here. I’m a surreal painter and many of my paintings contain violin themes.”

“I don’t know much about the instruments I have already photographed, they were broken, open for repairs, so I was able to put the cameras inside them. The first that I shot was a double bass that I found in a friend’s shop. The second was a very old French cello from Napoleon’s times that I found in the city of Amiens, in an orchestra director Dominique Leroy’s house.”

“I hope the series will continue, I’m planning to photograph more instruments and other interesting objects from unusual perspectives.”

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Inside a Cello

Inside a Saxophone

Inside a Guitar

Inside a Violin

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