Phone Scammers Accidentally Call A Programmer, Regret It Immediately

The internet scams have increased in notoriety and number these days. They always come up with new ways to rob people on internet.

Recently, one office full of all phony IRS agents made a very dumb mistake by calling a computer programmer expert who was already working on the project to save people from such scammers.

The programmer and redditor, “YesItWasDataMined”, runs an anti-scam project called “Project Mahhem”. He received a voicemail from someone who claimed to be an employee of the IRS.

When he called them back, he immediately realized that this was probably one of the biggest scams on the Internet.

This video shows how he dealt with them.

Since he was ahead of them. They start screaming, use foul language and finally give up the whole scam project. It looks like if they ever tried to use the same pattern with numbers, they would suffer the consequences.

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