Photographer Travels to 84 Countries to Capture ‘The World in Faces’

Alexander Khimushin is a photographer based in Queensland, Australia, who has been on the road for 9 years. During this period, he visited 84 countries. 10 months a year, he is on the road to take pictures in remote places. He is currently working on a series called “The world in faces”.

More info: Khimushin

The photographer Alexander Khimushin in Ethiopia

An Ixil Maya girl

Daasanech Tribe Woman

A Samoan boy

A Ladakhi woman

An Oroqen girl

A Karo tribe woman

A young monk

A Bodi tribe man

A K’iche’ Maya man

A Wakhi girl

A Rajasthani man

A Kaqchikel Maya girl

A Sahrawi man

A Japanese girl

A Russian woman

A Tofalar boy

A Tsemey tribe girl

A Cuban man

A Shughnani Girl

A Tuvan man

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