These Colorized Photos Make A Huge Difference In How We See Past Events

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Coronation Of Queen Elizabeth II. 2 June, 1953

Senator John F. Kennedy And Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy On Their Wedding Day. September 12, 1953

Grigori Rasputin. Lover Of The Russian Empress

Albert Einstein, 1 March 1921

Ruby Bridges, Escorted By US Marshals To Attend An All-White School, 1960

Cree Man, Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada, 1903


A Photographer Uses His Own Backdrop To Mask Poland’s World War II Ruins While Shooting A Portrait In Warsaw In November 1946

Lewis Powell. He Was A Conspirator With John Wilkes Booth, Who Assassinated President Abraham Lincoln

Marie Sklodowska Curie

Four Female Pilots Leaving Their Ship, Pistol Packin’ Mama, At The Four Engine School At Lockbourne AAF, 1944

Queen Elizabeth II

Banana Docks, New York. CA 1890 – 1910

Finnish Sniper Simo Häyhä, White Death

Titanic Orphans, Brothers Michel And Edmond Navratil, 1912. They Were The Only Children To Be Rescued From The Titanic Without A Parent Or Guardian

Eunice Hancock, A 21-Year-Old Woman, Operates A Compressed-Air Grinder In A Midwest Aircraft Plant During World War II. August 1942

Roza Shanina, A 19-Year-Old Russian WWII Sniper With 59 Confirmed Kills

Young Kenyan Woman Holding A Dik-Dik, Mombasa, 1909

The Most Intelligent Picture Ever Taken: Participants Of The 5th Solvay Conference On Quantum Mechanics, 1927

Men Of 72 Highlanders Who Served In The Crimea: William Noble, Alexander Davison And John Harper, 1853 – 1856

Private Paul Oglesby, 30th Infantry, Standing Inprivate Paul Oglesby, 30th Infantry, Standing In Reverence Before An Altar In A Damaged Catholic Church (Santa Maria Degli Angeli). Acerno, Italy, September 1943

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