Video Captures Zoo Monkey Sharpening A Rock, Later It Uses It To Smash Its Glass Enclosure

A clever monkey at a zoo in China almost made an escape for the ages when it sharpened up a rock and used it to smash a pane of tempered glass in its enclosure.

Onlookers at the zoo were stunned to see the industrious little primate work the stone and then put it to use, with shocking success.

h/t: MetroIFLS

The Daily Mail writes that one tourist, Mr. Wang, said that “the monkey was sharpening the stone, then it started hitting it on the glass. The monkey scared itself away, but it came back to take another look and even touched it.”

Was what the monkey did simply an accident? Or was the Capuchin only pretending to be scared at first, so we wouldn’t suspect it had other nefarious plans?

According to Metro, Zhengzhou Zoo staff member Tian Shulio said that “this monkey is unlike other monkeys. This one knows how to use tools to break walnuts. When we feed walnuts to other monkeys, they only know to bite it.

“But it had never hit the glass before though. This is the first time. It’s toughened glass, so it never would have got out.”

“The monkey was sharpening the stone, then it started hitting the glass,” one person told local media.

Some people in the crowd apparently laughed, but when the glass shattered, those laughs turned to gasps of astonishment.

Check out the video of the Capuchin breaking the glass right here:

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